Don't Fly Your Drone Without Insurance.

Don't Fly Your Drone Without Insurance.
If you own a drone in the northeast region, Humphrey Covill & Coleman Insurance Agency can help you save time, aggravation and money on your drone insurance. We use the nation's top insurance carrier, Skywatch, that specialize in drone coverage. Making sure the insurance policy you have covers any damage that might happen to your drone when traveling or during operation. We do all of the work for you in finding the best policies. Get started below!

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✅Paperless Application & Quotes
✅Advanced coverages available for all commercial use: indoor, worldwide & increased medical expenses
✅One liability plan for all drones flown by the named insured for the same price
✅Robust Coverages & Low Deductible Options
✅Friendly & Fast Policy Processing + Customer Service
✅Expert Customer Service If You Experience A Claim