10 tips to get your yard ready for spring

10 tips to get your yard ready for spring

April 24, 2023

Spring is a season of rejuvenation and renewal, and your yard is no exception. After a long winter, your yard may need some TLC to get back into shape. Here are ten tips to get your yard ready for spring in New England:

  1. Clean up debris: Winter can leave a lot of debris in your yard, including fallen branches, leaves, and dead plants. Start by clearing out any debris that accumulated over the winter.

  2. Rake leaves: Raking leaves is an essential step in getting your yard ready for spring. Dead leaves can smother your grass and create a breeding ground for pests and diseases. Rake up any leaves that are still on the ground and dispose of them.

  3. Prune trees and shrubs: Spring is the perfect time to prune trees and shrubs. Pruning will help your plants grow stronger and healthier, and it will also improve their appearance.

  4. Remove dead plants: If any of your plants didn't survive the winter, remove them from your yard. Dead plants can attract pests and diseases and can also be an eyesore.

  5. Aerate your lawn: Aerating your lawn will help air, water, and nutrients reach the roots of your grass. This will promote healthy growth and help prevent weeds.

  6. Fertilize your lawn: Spring is a great time to fertilize your lawn. Fertilizer will provide your grass with the nutrients it needs to grow strong and healthy.

  7. Test your soil: It's a good idea to test your soil before you start planting. This will tell you if your soil needs any amendments, such as lime or compost.

  8. Plant new flowers and shrubs: Spring is the perfect time to plant new flowers and shrubs. Choose plants that are appropriate for the New England climate, and make sure to plant them in the right location for their sunlight and water needs.

  9. Mulch your beds: Mulching your flower and shrub beds will help retain moisture and suppress weeds. It will also give your beds a neat and tidy appearance.

  10. Check your irrigation system: Make sure your irrigation system is in good working order before you start watering your lawn and plants. Check for leaks and broken sprinkler heads, and make any necessary repairs.

By following these tips, you'll be well on your way to a beautiful and healthy yard this spring. Enjoy the warmer weather and the beauty of your refreshed yard!

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