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Typical Homeowner’s policies are designed primarily to protect your home, personal liability, and general contents of your house. If your property includes high-value contents like heirlooms, jewelry, an art collection, your silver or china collection, or even the wine collection you have been maintaining for years, you cannot depend on the typical Homeowner’s policy to keep your property protected.

Many people think that their valuables will be covered for their entire value under the contents limit on their Homeowner’s policy. Do not get caught off-guard: in a usual Homeowner's policy, there are many sub-limits on valuable items, making it unlikely that all your belongings will be replaced for their full value. In order to better protect your exceptional items, it is important to have them covered under a valuable articles policy or as an endorsement on the Homeowner’s policy called a schedule.

This policy/endorsement is designed to schedule your valuable items at an appraised value that is agreed upon by the insurance company and there is no deductible.

Items that you should consider adding include jewelry, watches, furs, silverware, guns, stamps, musical equipment, coins, cameras, and fine arts.