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Everything You Need to Know about Home Insurance

If you’re a homeowner, you need to have a home insurance policy to protect your asset. If you have a mortgage, your insurance premiums are typically part of your mortgage payments. But even if your lender pays the insurance company on your behalf, you decide who you insure your home with. Our team of insurance agents is here to help you find a customized policy that fits your needs. We work with many highly rated insurance companies to help you find great coverage at the great rates. You have to ask yourself…

What would happen if a disaster struck your home tomorrow? Are you confident you are properly covered for damages and total loss? Would you be required to pay out of pocket for some or all the repairs?

These questions are crucial to address, because major insurance carriers may put a hold on new clients prior to a forecasted natural disaster or weather event. More importantly, when you are facing a crisis, you will feel less pressure knowing:

  1. Your representative took the time to make sure you have the right protection
  2. Your insurance carrier has your back

What Homeowner’s Insurance Covers

Your home insurance protects your most important asset for you. Here are some examples of events your policy will typically cover:

Damage from wind, hail, rain, and lightning
Fire and smoke damage
Accident on your property
If there was a fire or a natural disaster such as a hurricane, the costs of repairing your home could be extensive. You might even have to rebuild your home from the ground up. Your insurance policy is there to cover those expenses. Few people have the money to rebuild their home, even if they’ve paid off their mortgage. You’d also need temporary housing while you rebuild your home, which can be covered with the right insurance policy.

5 Main Coverage Areas

Your home insurance policy covers 5 main areas:

  • Main dwelling and other Structures
    Personal belongings
    Loss of use/ additional living expenses
    Personal liability
    Medical payments

  • You want to insure the main dwelling and any other structures on your property for how much it would cost to rebuild them. This might be more than the current value of your home. Your insurance policy also covers the cost of additional living expenses should your home become uninhabitable because of a covered incident. It also includes your belongings inside your home, such as furnishings and clothing.

Another important portion of your home insurance is the liability protection. Liability coverage is important if someone gets injured on your property or if someone’s property is damaged while they’re at your home. When that happens, your homeowner’s insurance can cover the cost of repairing or replacing the property, medical expenses for injuries, and legal expenses in case of a lawsuit.

Additional Coverage Options

  • There are additional coverage options available, which you can add to your homeowner’s policy. For example, you can include liability coverage for your trampoline or pool, dog bite insurance, and an umbrella liability policy to cover expenses beyond the limits of your policy. You should also know that your home insurance doesn’t include flood or earthquake insurance, unless you add a rider or a separate policy. If you have jewelry, watches, firearms, collectibles, paintings, or other valuables, you may also need to purchase extra coverage.

FAQs about Home Insurance

How Much Coverage Do I Need?

You may be tempted to just get the bare minimum coverage. But ideally, your home insurance policy will cover the cost of rebuilding your home at current prices. You also want to make sure you have adequate liability coverage. The more assets you have, the more liability coverage you need to protect yourself in case of a legal claim.

What Is Replacement Cost Coverage? 

Your standard insurance policy insures your personal belongings at their actual value. This means if someone broke in and stole your TV, your insurance would cover the value of the used TV. Replacement cost coverage is available at a premium. With this type of coverage, your insurance will reimburse you for the cost of purchasing the item new.

Is Home Insurance a Requirement?

There is no legal requirement to have homeowner’s insurance. However, if you have a mortgage, your lender will require you to keep your policy up to date. In fact, they might make the payments and charge you the premiums with your mortgage payment. Even if you own your home, your insurance policy protects your biggest asset if an adverse event occurs.

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