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We have saved our clients from 25% - 75% on Flood insurance!

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We represent over TWO DOZEN carriers that write Flood insurance outside of the federally backed NFIP program for a fraction of the cost. We have seen tremendous savings of 25-75% and even higher. It is the same coverage, same policy, same underwriting – just a whole lot less. And yes… most banks accept Private Market Flood.

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Private Market Flood Insurance

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Private Market Flood Insurance

Living on the coast, close to the ocean presents its own set of problems when a coastal storm arrives that may cause your property to flood. However, you should not feel too complacent since flooding can occur just about anywhere when heavy rain is forecasted. Basements are very susceptible to flooding. Request a free copy of our Private Market Flood Insurance PDF today!

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Private Market Flood Insurance

There is an alternative – Private Market Flood!

We have a client whose flood insurance premium increased annually: $4,003; $5,477; $7462 and then to $10,258.  We wrote him a Private Market Flood Insurance policy for $3,102.  These are life-changing savings!

If you are in flood zone VE, (right on the beach) we can usually save you up to 25%. If you are in a flood zone AE, we may be able to save you up to 75% or more. Our Private Flood Markets do not require that you have an Elevation Certificate, although if your home is elevated an elevation certificate can help.

Our Flood Specialists are well-versed in the world of Flood insurance.  They eat, sleep, and drink Flood insurance.  Even if you are already in the Private Market, you may save even more with one of our specialized markets that we are privileged to work with.