Personal Trainer Insurance

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Consider the unique needs of a personal trainer.

As a personal trainer, you’re there to help your clients achieve their fitness goals in life. But in the blink of an eye, one incident can turn your world upside down. That’s why you should consider personal trainer insurance focused on the needs of your unique business.

Personal trainer insurance protects you from the unexpected.

Given the nature of the services provided by personal trainers, liability insurance is essential. General liability insurance offers protection against accusations of bodily injury. This could include a client slipping on a wet floor in the gym or being injured using a damaged piece of equipment. Professional liability insurance comes into play if there is a complaint of negligence or wrongdoing, including spotting someone incorrectly or providing the wrong advice, ultimately resulting in their injury.

Your equipment needs protection.

As a personal trainer, you may have equipment such as weights, mats, benches, steps, and more. Whether you travel to meet clients at their homes or your clients come to you, the equipment you use is essential. Can you afford to replace it if it’s damaged or stolen? Insurance can help protect your business property so you can keep seeing clients. Additionally, if you rely on your car to take you from job to job, having business auto insurance can offer protection that a personal auto policy cannot.

Is personal trainer insurance expensive?

Like most insurance policies, the cost is dependent upon many factors including the size of your business, the location where you operate, and how much property you have.

What is a business owner's policy (BOP)?

A business owner's policy, or BOP, is often one of the first types of policies to consider. This coverage combines general liability and property insurance. For some small businesses, a BOP may be all you need. However, in some instances, you may find you need other coverages in the form of endorsements or stand-alone policies. An insurance professional can help you understand your risks and options.

General business insurance needs exist.

Regardless of the industry you work in, there are some insurance coverages you should consider. For example, if you store any kind of client information, a cyber liability insurance policy may provide protection in the event of a hack or data breach. If you have any employees, you may be required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. And if one of those employees should be accused of stealing from a client, crime insurance may benefit you as well.

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