Social Services Agency Insurance

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Get important insurance coverage for your important work.

You’re serving the most vulnerable populations and the work you do is important. Social services agencies need to consider insurance that offers protection that reflects your clientele and the unique risks your organization faces.

Insurance for your social services agency.

The social services field is broad. Services and people served can vary widely from agency to agency, and your insurance needs may vary as well. This includes everything from childrens’ services to programs for the elderly. It also includes mental health organizations and services for the homeless or financially insecure. Here are some examples of social services agencies that may benefit from a social services agency insurance policy:

Community Centers
Counseling Services
Food Banks
Emergency Relief Services
Public Housing
Senior Care Services
Youth Services

Liability insurance is fundamental.

There are many kinds of liability insurance that may benefit a social services agency. Because of the potential for high foot traffic at your social services agency, general liability insurance may offer you protection in the event a visitor gets hurt. And because directors and officers of your organization can be named personally if the agency is sued, directors and officers liability insurance (D&O) may protect their assets. Professional liability may provide coverage for allegations of inaccurate advice, negligence, or mistakes.

Consider protection in the event of workplace violence.

In today’s world, we must be ever-vigilant in our attempts to prevent workplace violence. However, incidents can and do occur. Workplace violence insurance may provide financial protection in the face of expenses that are incurred as the result of a violent incident. For instance, this type of insurance policy may provide coverage for hiring public relations and security consultants, payouts to victims and survivors, and business interruption insurance for the time you’re unable to open your facility.

Working with at-risk populations can carry another risk.

Working with people—particularly children and at-risk populations—leaves your social services agency open to claims of abuse and molestation. Even if unfounded, these claims must be defended, which can be quite costly. Abuse and molestation insurance may help pay for these defense costs, as well as payments awarded to victims.

Business auto insurance offers important protection.

Social services agencies may also want to consider business auto insurance. If you transport clients in a company-owned vehicle, your policy will need to reflect that. This may provide coverage if there is an accident and someone is injured or there is damage to a vehicle or property. This may also include coverage for employees or volunteers who use their personal vehicles while conducting business on your behalf.

Don’t neglect basic business insurance coverages as well.

In addition to the specialized social services agency insurance your organization needs, there are some basic business insurance policies you may also want to consider. Commercial property insurance may cover the contents of your building like desks, chairs, equipment, and other items. Your computer network likely contains a vast amount of personal data on your clients, making it a target for hackers. For this reason, cyber liability insurance is essential. And because employees may become injured on the job, workers’ compensation insurance is also important to consider.

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