We Go Higher

We go above and beyond for our clients! We are in the insurance business.
We have seen many, many… too many claims.

A True Story...

One day an elderly client came in with the entire side of her car spray painted by vandals. We determined that she did not carry comprehensive coverage on her older car and that the claim would not be covered. We just could not see this client drive away unsatisfied. Pete and his Dad took their ties off and proceeded to wax the entire side of her car and removed all of the spray paint. It looked so good they kept going and shined up the whole car. Her car sparkled almost as much as her smile.

Pete got a call one night from a client stating that a pipe had burst and her entire condo was flooding. Pete put his boots on and drove to her house and got the water shut off and helped her move all the Christmas presents off the floor, thus rescuing Christmas for the kids.

We have countless stories of claims gone right. Claims happen… this is why you purchase insurance. Our job is to make sure that you have the proper coverage and that we get you back up on your feet as soon as possible.

We have been to several fire claims where a client lost everything. It is truly devastating.  “Yes, that is covered” helps, but the hug and reassurance we will be there for them help more. And we stay there with you throughout the entire claims process.

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